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Single Gas Clip and SGC Plus. User's Manual Rev 2.04. READ BEFORE OPERATION. Gas Clip Technologies (GCT) Single Gas Clip and. SGC Plus detectors are personal safety devices designed to detect the presence of specific toxic gases (Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Hydrogen Sulfide. (H2S)) or Oxygen (O2) deficiency.
23 Nov 2016 Calibration Gas - When the detector is calibrated, it scales the sensor readings to match the concentrations of the applied gases. The calibration gas concentrations can be adjusted to match the respective levels contained within the gas bottle. Default is: 25ppm H2S, 100ppm. CO, 18% O2 and 50% LEL
Multi Gas Clip User's Manual. Alarms. Default Alarms. Each detector comes preprogrammed with the factory default Low, High, Time Weighted. Average (TWA) and Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) alarms: Sensor Low. High. TWA. STEL. H2S. 10 ppm. 15 ppm. 10 ppm 15 ppm. CO. 35 ppm. 200 ppm. 35 ppm 35 ppm. O2.
The BW Clip Series of single-gas detectors provides up to three years maintenance-free operation: just turn on the device and it runs continuously — no need for sensor and battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime.
19 Jun 2012
Clip Technologies recommends using a standard 58L or 116 L bottle. Below are the recommended calibration gas concentrations: H2S: 25 ppm CO: 100 ppm O2: 18% O2 concentration. Warning: Calibration bottle pressure must be less than or equal to 1000 PSI. Pressures above 1000 PSI can damage the docking station.
Unmatched sensor reliability for H2S, CO, & O2; Adjustable alarm set points; Real-time gas reading capability; 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display; Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests & updates; Programmable unit identification; Calibration optional; “Bump check” confirmation/
2 OR 3 YEAR H2S, CO, O2, SO2 SINGLE-GAS DETECTOR. Part Number 50115903-101 | OM-EN-BWCRT-A6 | BW Clip Real Time Operator Manual. BW Clip Real Time is a portable, single-gas detector manufactured by BW Technologies by. Honeywell (BW). BW Clip Real Time continuously displays the concentration of a
Bump test interval. Calibration gas percentage. Calibration interval. Display real-time gas readings or time remaining. Self-test interval. Low alarm set point. High alarm set point. Single Gas Clip Accessories. Single Gas Clip Versions. Single Gas Clip H2S**. Part# SGC-H. Portable gas detector for. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)*.
Gas Clip Technologies SGC-H Two-Year Single Gas Clip Detector, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Yellow - Single Gas Clip The Single Gas Clip is one of the most Bump check and calibration identification and confirmation; User adjustable alarm specifications; Real-time gas readings or time display capabilities; A 50% larger