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the "Start/Stop" button to switch daylight savings time on or off. The Timex 1440 Sports Watch features a stopwatch, an Indiglo Night Light, Timex 1440 sports watch, WR50M I have searched high and low for instructions on how Timex 1440 Sports. Watch, and to turn off the alarm and chime, I held down. MANUAL::TIMEX
The Timex 1440 digital sports watch features an alarm for appointments and to wake you. It automatically repeats everyday after it is set. Turning off the alarm stops it from ringing at the time you previously selected. A small alarm clock icon is displayed when the alarm is on. You might want to switch the alarm off over the
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23 Apr 2013
If you are still unable to locate your user manual, you may email Timex 1440 Sports, EN FR SP. PO IT GE DU Easy-Set Alarm, EN FR SP PO IT GE DU. Recent Timex 1440 Sports T5K079. Watch for Women questions, problems Timex 1440 turn off beep I need to know how to set a timex 1400 sports. I'm trying to set my watch
Sport Calculator Watch. DJ Press MODE again you will activate ALARM but turn Off the HOURLY. CHIME,. The quick and easy way to disable the hourly chime on your Timex watch. this has saved. Timex Women's T5J151 1440 Sports Digital Black/Pink Resin Strap Watch Can someone please post the instructions how to
Please read instructions carefully to understand how to operate your Timex® watch. 24-hour countdown timer. • Daily alarm. • INDIGLO® night-light. Press MODE repeatedly to step through modes: Time, Stopwatch (SP), Alarm (AL), Timer (TR), and To turn on/off alarm and hourly chime, press START/STOP repeatedly.
Items 1 - 12 of 12 Timex Watches model(s). Timex 1440 Sports · Timex 1440 Sports manual Owner's Owner's. Manual · Timex Easy-Set Alarm manual. How do I turn on alarm chime on a timex 1440 sports watch wr50m and the hourly beep on and off? Follow Consult the instructions, or contact Timex and ask. Explore Timex.
30 Nov 2008 Couldn't find this anywhere on the web (the instruction manual for this watch does not match the watch). After many Labels: howto set 1440 Timex sports watch instructions . Ok i finally figured out how to turn the alarm off if you have the watch with the 4 buttons (mode, stop/start, adjust, and indiglo)
  4 How to Turn Off the Beep on a Timex Expedition. The Timex Indiglo 1440 sports watch got its name for its Indiglo night light that allows the wearer to easily read the watch in darkness and for the 1,440 minutes in a day. All models are digital and have a lightweight resin case and resin strap. The Indiglo 1440 features a

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