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As of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you can hire a Felyne Comrade (or "Felyne Fighter") that will aid you in a quest. While a total of 13 Felyne Comrades can be hired at once, only three Felynes can be listed as "active". Active Felyne Comrades participate in training, which you can set on the Comrade Board. Although you
27 Aug 2016
? - ? - Felyne Whim Skills 1, Felyne Whim Skills 2, About Felyne Whim Skills, MHF2 Felyne
15 Nov 2008 For Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP, Felyne Comrade Guide by VioletKIRA.
27 Jun 2009 Everyone knew it NEEDED to be done, so I decided to pick up the slack. In other words, the purpose of this guide is to concisely inform you of exactly what all the combinations do with exact numbers, so that you can decide which you want, and which you don't, regardless of how far in the game you are.
22 Feb 2011 Haven't found an adequate guide for felyne temperaments, and what exactly it means for your felyne comrade. So, I'll make one here! Foolhardy: Felyne will not revive. Attacks monsters, and will usually go on offense. Brave: Will heal slowly, and attack monsters of any type. Average: Felyne will go on
therussian7. Neophyte total posts: 22 since: Jul 2009. Aug 9, 09 at 4:02am (PST) ^. Felyne Kitchen Skills. Wiki Pages. Felyne Kitchen. i need help on these skills cuz i dont know what some of them do well actually i dont know what none of them do or how to unlock them can someone plz help me
Name, Goal Condition, Area, Time, Fee, Reward, Notes. URGENT: "Monster Hunter". Hunt all of the Large Monsters, Great Arena, 50mins, 7000z, 42000z, Clear all Village Elder and Felyne Elder quests to unlock. Monsters are G-ranked Rathalos, Tigrex, Nargacuga, Rajang
One Felyne Chef One Felyne Meat Meat Scrapps, Rubbery Jerky, Tough meat Vegetables Jungle Onnion, Pumpkin, Twinshroom Fish Bone Taco, Clamchip, Scalefish Grain Chunky Rice, Furahiya Wheat, Mixed Beans Fruit Oily Raisins Milk Powdered Cheese, Sticky Cream Drink Hopi Table of posible Meal combos.
One Felyne Chef. Meat: Meat Scraps, Rubbery Jerky, Tough Meat. Bran: Chunky Rice, Furahiya Wheat, Mixed Beans. Fish: Bone Taco, Clamchip, Scalefish. Fruit: Oily Raisins. Veggie: Jungle Onion, Pumpkin, Twinshroom. Dairy: Powdered Cheese, Sticky Cream. Drink: Hopi

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