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2 - Channel Compressor Stereo or mono, Frequency response: 10 - 100 kHz (0.5 dB @ 0dBu), Clip Range: +22.5 dBu @ 3% THD, Distortion: Less than 0.1%, Threshold range: -40 dBu to +20 dBu, Ratio: 1: 1 to 25: 1, Attack:
I've got a basic idea about compressors, and have been using some (like Cubase 6's built in one, and the Fairchild UAD-1) on my little home projects with some success. Reading the RNC manual and going on their website FMR Audio RNC 1773 REALLY NICE COMPRESSOR , I'm still left with a few
1 Sep 2009
Stereo compressor in 1/3 rack size. • Accurate & repeatable 5-parameter. controls. • "Normal" mode for serious signal. squashing. Very fast attack times. allow positive control of percussive. sources. • "Super Nice" mode for near invisible. compression. This mode cascades. three stereo compressors in series. to reduce
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Hi guys, I have been looking for this info for a great part of the weekend but could not find a definite YES or NO about it. Let's say I play a drumloop or a beat from the MPC stereo output > into the RNC stereo input (and the RNC stereo output into a PA system). Easy. Then I decide to track out a separate
11 Mar 2008 Post by kayagum » Tue 11.03.08, 4:57 pm. Manual here: My 12 O'Clock method came from there. "Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't." ~ Erica Jong "No one wants advice ? only corroboration." ~ John Steinbeck.
29 Dec 2010
(01) 512 352 3092. info_@_fmraudio _._ com. (Do not include underlines in the final address. Replace the underlines, "_", with a NULL or no character) RNP Manual · RNC Recall Sheet. PRODUCT WARRANTY & SERVICE. All of our main products, not including accessories, are warrantied against product defects for 1
Really Nice Compressor. QuickStart Guide. V0.60. FMR Audio. (512)352-3290 The Really Nice Compressor (RNC) is a small and inexpensive stereo compressor with both a high-fidelity This mode must be manually selected by depressing the SUPER NICE switch until the SUPER NICE indica-.