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Champions of Regnum is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by NGD Studios, a game development studio located in Argentina. This game is also known as "Realms Online" in America. The game focuses on full Realm vs Realm team player vs player combat, with a three-way
13 Mar 2015 Noob hunting, Surprise butt-secks -> Hunter Support, Turtling -> Conjurer Instagib, Liu Kang Kick -> Barbarian High Ranged DPS -> Marksman with Premium Low Ranged DPS -> Marksman with Skills Warriors molester -> Warlock Tick -> Knight All depends on the situation. Last edited by Perberos; May 23
Bows seem to have slow-medium firing rates compared to the very slow spears I use but regardless they do 1/3 of the damage. So basically my questions are: 1) How do marksman do in wz with damage output? 2) Do skills Marksman get later make up for this huge deficit in normal attacks or does the difference between the
Welcome to Inquisitions's Regnum Tools! Here you can find some useful tools to help you in Regnum Online. List of the tools: Grinding - calculate the number of mob kills till you level up as well as the best areas. Pets - find the pet for your hunter. NPCs - search for quest NPCs. Mobs - search for mobs by name.
RFC: Marksman build sans Recharged Questions to the Community.
Champions of Regnum - Skill trainer. Train your skills and spells and share it with others.
6 Jul 2012 I found a comprehensive guide to playing the Marksman class on a private forum and I felt I should share it in this thread. Please note I did not write this but feel free to leave some appreciation for the author of it. Quote: To start off, I would urge all players interested in mastering the marksman class to chose
19 Aug 2015
Marksmen have the same great evasion abilities of the hunter, but also have impressive damage dealing skills. With expanded range and increased accuracy they can pack a punch on unwary opponents that thought were at a safe distance. Marksmen that learn to handle their mana and locate weak targets in a battle are
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