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Aqui encontre un guia de el Skill Build del DS y quiera compartirles con ustedes, espero sus comentarios para mejorar esta guia, ojo no me pregunten porque este.
1 Mar 2014 At level 10, after you job advance to Demon Slayer, you will get 4 skills in the beginner tab automatically. Level 10: +1 Dark Winds (1); Level 10: +1 Curse of Fury (1); Level 10: +1 Fury Unleashed (1); Level 10: +1 Demonic Blood (1). Note: Level 10 Fury Unleashed is a Link Skill, but it can not be given to
8 Aug 2017 Demon Slayer is part of MapleStory Resistance. They are warriors who wields one-handed blunt weapons or scepters as their primary weapon. Demon Slayer also equips a shield known as Force Shield which is unique to this job. It serves as a Fury reservoir that grows in capacity upon completing each
Are you starting to play Demon Slayer in Pocket MapleStory? You are in the right place as this is the ultimate Demon Slayer skill building guide. We generally recommend to start with AFK Auto Grind build, and once you get to around level 130, then do stats and skill resets so that your character becomes more suitable for
Skill Build Editar. 4 Demon Slash (4), 1 Grim Scythe(1); 1 Demon Slash (5), 2 Battle Pact (2); 3 Battle Pact (5); 3 Shadow Swiftness (3); 3 Shadow Swiftness (6); 3 Shadow Swiftness (9); 1 Shadow Swiftness (10)(MAX), 2 Demon Slash (7); 3 Demon Slash (10)(MAX); 3 Battle Pact (8); 3 Battle Pact (11); 3 Battle Pact (14)
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27 Jun 2016 My Demon Slayer just hit level 140 by auto combating without any problems. High Dexterity and Obsidian Skin (Damage Taken = -38%) made her very tanky. Raven Storm is a must-have for Demon Slayer (Free potion anyone?). Demon Pact is another good skill that does a lot of damage with a short
30 Nov 2011 MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum. I saw a lot of Demon Slayer guides out there, and I quite did not agree with their builds and information so I will post my own guide. Hope it Please note its my first guide :O Please comment if you wish to see anything added to the guide that you think is missing
18 Aug 2011 MapleStory Demon Slayer Skill Build Guide can be found at:

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