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18 Apr 2017 To use your incentive spirometer, follow the steps below. Sit upright in a chair or in bed. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your lips tightly around it. Breathe in (inhale) slowly through your mouth as deeply as you can. Try to get the piston as high as you can, while keeping the indicator between the arrows
A reason volumetric spirometer is just a breathing therapy tool primarily used following surgery to help keep the lungs active and reduce steadily the incidence of
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How to use an incentive spirometer. Move the slider on the outside of the large column to the level that you want to reach or that your doctor recommended. Sit or stand up straight, and hold the spirometer in front of you. To start, breathe out normally. Take a slow, deep breath.
Learn about how to use an incentive spirometer from the Cleveland Clinic, including understanding the need for an Merck Manual for Home Health Care.
An incentive spirometer is a device that measures how deeply you can inhale (breathe in). The incentive spirometer is made up of a breathing tube, an air chamber, and an indicator. An incentive spirometer is most commonly used after surgery.
29 Oct 2015 An incentive spirometer is a device used to help you keep your lungs healthy after surgery or when you have a lung illness, such as pneumonia
The Airlife Incentive Spirometer contains an easily adjustable patient goal The Airlife Spirometer has either a 2500 or 4000 milliliter air volume capacity, and a

To locate a specific type, such as the Airlife Volumetric spirometer, simply type the Whether it is a digital or manual spirometer you need, eBay hosts a great